About NTEL

The National Technology Enhanced Learning (NTEL) conference was first initiated by Singapore’s Ministry of Education in 2015 and co-organised by the local universities, with the aim to inspire teaching and learning transformation through the adoption of technology-enhanced learning strategies in higher education.

The conference theme for NTEL 2019 is “Meaningful Impact through Technology Enhanced Learning: Personalised, Collaborative and Experiential Learning” and is based on the conception of students and how they learn as an individual, as a social being and as a member of the community at large through the use of technology. Technology is hence viewed as an avenue and tool to facilitate better learning and outcomes of learning. Beyond learning, we hope that the acquirement of learning through technology will allow our students to acquire skills to tackle the world’s complexities, positively impact humanity and overcome challenges which we embrace, in the pursuit of meaning, and in our desire to create positive impact.