Experiential learning: Evolving roles of educators


Experiential learning involves the student as the centre of the experience and encourages students to experiment and reflect. Several aspects of the students’ learning experience can be enhanced with technology.

Speakers will be invited to share on the use of technology to enhance experiential learning, for example,

  • Using simulations to enhance laboratory / practical sessions
  • Organising a virtual or self-directed field trip to industry
  • Supervising projects through collaborative learning platforms
  • Providing remote coaching and mentoring for students on internships and work attachment

The following evolving roles of educators should be highlighted by the speakers where possible, such as:

  • Educators working alongside education technologists
  • Educators as creators / curators of learning experiences
  • Educators as facilitators of experiential learning

After the presentation, a 20-minute Q&A session will centre around

  • The challenges that are facing educators in their evolving roles, whether it is technology or pedagogy
  • How can educators be better support by their institutions in this respect